JHG Media Digital Marketing


It is unclear how the world of digital marketing will shift and evolve in the coming years. Despite the changing landscape, there are measures you can take to secure your digital marketing strategy. Here are 3 things to consider that will protect a digital marketing strategy:

Be Aware Of The Environment

A stagnant brand will find it nearly impossible to survive in today’s digital marketing environment. Part of remaining relevant is to constantly assess the environment and adapt. By implementing new methods with tried and true techniques, a brand not only demonstrates activity but can also get a better idea of what is effective and what is not.

A dramatic shift in the world of digital marketing has occurred within the perspective of the consumer. For instance, content was created in the past to deliver a message to consumers but a more strategic approach is required now. Instead of broadcasting content with the goal of reaching consumers, many brands are making the effort to reach consumers when the individual needs what they offer.

Social Media, Software, and Consumers

With the help of social media, software, and consumers, brands are successfully implementing this approach. Applications like Instagram and Twitter help brands connect with users at any time of the day. Combining these apps with software, such as Jooicer and GetRiver, will aid a brand in targeting and connecting with consumers.

Personalize Your Interactions With Your Audience

While consumers and brands engage one another it is important to capitalize on the interaction. 66% of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if they feel treated like a number, rather than an individual. This means that relationship with today’s consumer is important. Adding a personal touch to the interaction between a brand and a consumer goes a long way. Some of the ways to personalize the interactions are:

  1. Don’t use an auto-response to respond to consumers on social media.
  2. Always address the consumer by their name.
  3. Compose emails that read as if a real person wrote them.
  4. Use templates that appear to have been constructed by a person.
  5. Try to make email lists relevant to each consumer on it.

Digital marketing and consumers are constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies. Despite the shifting landscape, there are measures to take that will help a brand protect its strategy and remain relevant. If you are interested in developing an effective digital marketing strategy, contact us today.