Staying Ahead of Social Media Trends

Staying Ahead of Social Media Trends

Our staff at JHG Media Group are constantly keeping in front of the curve with social media subjects as the appear around the internet. As we are coming to the end of 2015 we are seeing a few of the patterns for social media beginning to change as they progress into 2016. Recently released an article about the top trends that are enhancing social media. We picked our top 3 to share with you here:

1. Facebook is going in the direction of a more mature demographic.

According to an infographic generated by Adweek making use of information from eMarketer detailing the demographic trends in social media for 2016, Facebook is still leading the marketplace with social networking, but it’s there’s a proposed 7.6 percent share boost among people 65 years old and more, the largest share rise with all demographics. The eMarketer information indicates that shares among the younger millennial group (18 – 24 year-olds) will decrease.

It’s forecasted that in 2016, marketers going to rev up their advertising campaigns to contain a lot more focused ads on Facebook making use of the info openly shared on their services. When it comes to different social networks, the 25-to-35 year-old generation nonetheless keeps a stronghold across the board, even though Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are trending younger. There seems be minimal to absolutely no elderly involvement with Tumblr and Instagram.

This is good for smaller business owners as it permits them to compete with big brands. Now your business can go on the internet and definitely stand out. Most web consumers don’t mind if you’re a giant company but more care about your online presence. This is a win win for smaller companies.

2. The foreseeable future is handheld.

This previous March marked the 1st time the four leading messaging apps around the world amassed the exact same volume of users as the top 4 social networking platforms. These mobile apps not only permit users to text and call long distance connections without paying long-distance charges, but it allows them to make a world where their preferred brands, publications and solutions are merged into one personalized bundle that can be accessed just about anywhere.

New services have realized the impact of delivering their products immediately to their customers via messaging apps: Snapchat’s “Discover” feature debuted within 11 major international publications to excellent recognition and is planning for business expansion. In China, the favored free text message and phone application, WeChat, has integrated accounts of celebrities and primary brand names to its subscription list. This permits users to observe updates from their buddies and favorite stars, get unique mobile-only VIP “cards” to big department stores, organize reservations at popular eateries with a sms message or even donate to UNICEF on a single incorporated application.

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3. Social networks are emerging as search engines.

Whilst Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, the manner in which folks search for services and products has grown outside simple SEO. Eighty-eight percent of people online are guided by reviews and internet posts by different people. These individuals are looking straight to internet sites like YouTube and Facebook (where every company has a presence), or in apps such as Yelp. Pinterest, in particular, has a favorable role in this change: its industry is mostly dominated by women in their 30s with younger families, a demographic known to carry out the majority of the purchasing. The service is also shopping centered, jumping people from their tiles instantly to business web pages at a significantly increasing rate.

Stay tuned as we come closer to the end of 2015 to keep on top of social media trends as we transition into 2016. As always, JHG Media is available to help your small to mid sized company remain on top of your social media requirements.

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