Staying Ahead of the Curve With Social Media

Staying Ahead of the Curve With Social Media

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Let’s face it, technology is continuously evolving and social media websites, and apps, are no strangers to fast adaptation. In a world where info shifts by the minute it’s critical to stay in front of the curve and not get left behind in yesterday’s bug fix.

It’s 2015 and social networks and platforms are are always changing and adapting to boost or streamline the end user’s experience. That’s fantastic from a user’s standpoint, but as a business what are the best methods to remain relevant, stay in front of your customer, and ensure you’re using the most current trends?

Get Mobile.
Everyone is going mobile and if the capability of a website or app isn’t mobile friendly over fifty percent of the site visitors will go somewhere else instantly. With the expanding number of smartphones and tablets, an expanding variety of people are utilizing these as their primary internet access device. Businesses both large and small are beginning to implement a sleek, responsive layout to accommodate mobile devices. This is not simply an accommodation, it’s a necessity because it’s the future style of the internet. Mobile has already become the default way the internet is viewed by most users online, and the look of the web is only going to do the same. Redesign not only your site for mobile functionality but additionally make your social media articles mobile friendly by keeping them short and to the point.

Get Specific.
Gone are the times in which visitors will accept a blanket response for their questions. They want facts and the want details and they don’t want to read a load of text to get the answers. We live in an age where no one has to ever wonder about anything, the truth is always at our fingertips. With the correct SEO and keywords in your social media posts you can drive the best type of identified traffic straight to your website.

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Be a Star.
This year Google modified their formula yet again to focus more on sites with rating abilities. Heck, they also have their own rating system now as well! They understood that consumers are more likely to rely on their peers when it involves buying over the internet instead of someone, or some business, seeking to sell them products. The general public tends to trust the experiences other people who have already done what they are looking to do, such as buy a lamp on Amazon. In a matter of seconds a customer can tell if the provider is reliable based on their reviews.

Be More Analytic.
With so many new networks arising and escalating costs for advertising or subscriptions, you need to make sure what is working and what is not. Social marketing is becoming more quantifiable and a ton of social media platforms have integrated tracking functionalities. Google Analytics isn’t the only system on the web anymore, WordPress Stats and Facebook Insights supply excellent information for you to better know your target market demographic.

Staying ahead of the curve with social media is always a moving target, but using these tips you must be able to keep up quite well and make sure you are connecting with your viewers.

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