Why Paid Advertising is Important, Easy, and Cost Effective!

Why Paid Advertising is Important, Easy, and Cost Effective!

Let’s face it, there are several ways to advertise to your intended audience online, however, often there are so many choices that we have no idea exactly where to start. In this post we will look into 3 different paid advertising platforms you can utilize to promote your business.


With Facebook Promoted Posts, companies pay to have their normal updates show up higher (and more often) in the news feed, so there’s a better chance their audience will see them.
Many small-business owners do not realize the impact of just spending a small amount of funds to promote posts. There is so much babble in the Facebook news feeds that the messages of a lot of small-business Facebook pages gets skipped. Facebook AdvertisingFor an incredibly modest amount of money, companies can easily achieve the lift that leads to the exposure they are seeking on Facebook.

To promote a post on your page, just create the post and click on “Promote” below the post. You’ll be asked to pick your audience– either individuals who like your page, or individuals who like your page and their friends– and to determine a budget according to how many people you intend to reach out to. Appealing graphics and titles are essential for driving maximum engagement with Promoted Posts, so even if you’re promoting someone else’s content (such as a story about your company in the local paper), consider including your own graphic and headline to make it pop.
One technique is to go narrow with the post promotion, making a post that would appeal to your local sports fans, for example, and then, more specifically, promoting it to individuals who have the local NFL team as one of their interests on Facebook.
One firm did this and they spent just below $100 and got 8,500 Likes and tens of thousands of visitors to the web page. They spent under $3 CPM (cost per thousand) and acquired about a 5 percent click-through rate– so for less than $100 these guys got their post in front of over 30,000 individuals. Because the information was interesting and in front of the right people, it sparked a ton of viral sharing.

To get your material before a professional audience, consider LinkedIn Ads, that run on prominent pages on the LinkedIn site. Ads include a title, a description (up to 75 characters of text), your name or company name, a small picture and a URL. You can indicate which LinkedIn Linkedin Advertising Onlinemembers look at your advertisements by selecting targeted criteria like job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, business size or even by a specific LinkedIn Group (for example, “Corporate Real Estate”). You then set up a maximum spending plan and only pay for the clicks or impressions that you receive.
The best-performing advertisements are relevant to the intended viewers and composed with precise, powerful words. LinkedIn suggests that you emphasize special deals, unique benefits, free trials or demos to get people’s attention, and incorporate strong call-to-action phrases like Try, Download, Sign up or Request a Quote.
One business utilized a LinkedIn advert showcasing a company culture presentation to help generate interest in its job openings. The information included in the presentation was incredibly effective for attracting qualified candidates, and overall interest in their company improved substantially.

There can be a great deal of distraction on other social networks. Individuals are there for factors besides improving their businesses, or networking with additional professionals. B2B companies that need to get in touch with other professionals who are concentrated on lead generation means LinkedIn is the place for them. There’s no extra stuff on LinkedIn. Members are there to carry out business.

While AdWords is not as fresh as we might think, numerous people are still unaware of the advantages that this system can bring to their business. The following bullet points will help break down the advantages of AdWords.

  • Measurement and Analysis
    Different from other advertising platforms, with Google AdWords you can track and identify precisely when your money is being spent and when it is coming in. By utilizing the perfect keywords it allows for consistent optimization of your campaigns in order to get more results (conversions) in time.
  • Pay Per ClickGoogle Adwords
    With AdWords you only pay when somebody clicks your advertisement. As opposed to other kinds of ads, typically individuals who click have an interest in what you have to offer. So long to the times when you paid for a load for advertising that your intended customers couldn’t see!
  • No Wins for the Highest Payers
    You may think that advertisers who pay Google the most are the ones who have the greatest locations, rankings, and are the ones who get more visibility, right? Well, not exactly. The advertiser who does an exceptional job of designing significance and quality for the user is generally the person who achieves the most effective positions and the most ideal results.
  • Maximum Relevance
    The fact that you can make your AdWord ads very relevant, and to only be displayed to individuals who are looking for what you’ve got gives you the upper hand. You can choose which keywords you want your ad copy to feature in order to captivate extremely pertinent, targeted web traffic.
    The more applicable your ad is, the greater the results you will attain with your campaign, as the click through rate is going to be high, and the conversions will follow.

Regardless if your business focuses on the individual user or if your clients are other companies these are some good platforms for your paid advertising campaigns. Even just a small budget can provide wonderful visibility to your target viewers. If you are not sure you want to handle an ad campaign on your own you can always consult with JHG Media Group to handle it for you.

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