Your Reputation Management is Critical!

Your Reputation Management is Critical!


There are several companies online that supply reputation management solutions for all business sizes. With the level of transparency that we encounter on the web in these times it is more crucial than ever to control your brand reputation

Below you will find 5 tips and 5 tools that are incredibly helpful to think about when watching after and cultivating your online reputation. Stick with these and you’ll be off to a great start!

  • 1) Checking your online reputation frequently is going to help you to safeguard against negative web content that is out there by adding more of the positive web content you wish to be seen. The search engines are going to gravitate toward the information that is more robust and frequent.  So keep adding positive brand content!
  • 2) Google your business name and see what appears. If there are any internet sites that are adverse or that you do not control, make an effort to push them down in the search results with your very own pages on social media sites.  When you have multiple social media accounts for your company this creates a lot of content for the search engines to gather. You can also utilize third party business websites like Wikipedia,, or various other applicable and reputable sites.
  • 3) Several professionals recommended using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode to search for your company or brand names. Incognito strips out some, although not all, of the personalized search results Google produces for recognized visitors and provides a more generic look that’s closer to what others would see.
  • 4) Check out the first three web pages of your search engine result, not just the first page, because an adverse bit of material on page 3 can ultimately make its way up to page 1. Go back to step 1 and include even more positive web content to push the harmful content down the list.
  • 5) Design a spreadsheet that incorporates all of the search results from the first three pages of your search. Point out which results are positive, bad or neutral, in addition to which ones you regulate or influence and the ones you do not. This develops a baseline when it comes to your online reputation that you can later track to assess your reputation enhancement efforts. Take screen shots of each Google search results page at the beginning and periodically repeat this activity.

What good are the tips if you don’t have the tools to implement them?  Here are some great tools to start managing your online reputation:

  • 1) The no. 1 tool for online reputation management is Google Alerts. The cost-free service lets you put together automated email alerts for your business name, product name and high-level executives’ names, so you’ll find out quickly when a fresh mention is published on the internet.
  • 2) JHG Media Group is a really good site for helping you manage your online reputation if you do not have much background with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They provide recommendations for things you can do to optimize your website so it appears higher in the search results for your brand terms.
  • 3) Online reviews are essential these days. You must use platforms that help you check your online reviews, for example, ReviewPush, Sendible and Trackur, in addition to other internet sites specific to your industry.
  • 4) The Google My Business toolset is really exceptional and it provides wonderful visualizations of your reviews. Getting good reviews on your Google My Business page will definitely enhance your chances of making it into the local search results.  See our article on establishing good local SEO rankings.
  • 5) Social Mention is practical for keeping an eye on your reputation on social media. It’s a complimentary service that lets you see who’s talking about your brand on social media and even more significantly, what exactly they’re saying. It also provides an analysis of brand sentiment, that can easily help businesses identify and address negative brand mentions.

There really are countless tips and tools available to oversee your online reputation and it can get really overwhelming. There are a number of internet sites that are free and give you exceptional platforms to accomplish reputation management by yourself, yet if this isn’t something that you prefer to undertake then you can easily contact expert reputation management companies like JHG Media Group to simply maintain all of it for you!

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