Why should your local business be doing Google reviews?

Why should your local business be doing Google reviews?

google-localGenerally there are two fundamental reasons this will benefit your business, on and offline. 

  • Google uses reviews to evaluate your services. 
  • Consumers utilize reviews to evaluate your services. 

Google utilizes a variety of networks for signals to validate if your business is legitimate and secondly, to establish whether your company provides a top quality service or not. Google reviews is one of those integrity and trust channels that is presently being used by Google. It consequently makes perfect sense to be utilizing this channel. 

A harmful review feels like a nail in your businesses online marketing coffin. Manage to rack up enough damaging reviews and your online fate is sealed. Inversely, score a lengthy listing of 4-5 star reviews from customers and your position in the search engine results pages will rise consistently. 

It makes perfect sense to use reviews as one of the signals because the reviews are originating from people who have discovered your services probably through the search results. They dealt with you, ordered a product or service offered, have utilized the service or product and liked or loved it. 

It should become part of your sales blue-print to finish the sales cycle with a follow-up with the customer so as to determine if they are satisfied or not. One out of ten unhappy clients will actually make a fuss over what they thought was definitely bad service or poor quality products. They will however tell everyone else just how bad the service or product was. Why not optimize your return business by encouraging them to write a review? Or in the event that there is a challenge, you will have knowledge of the situation and will be able to deal with the issue.

Our team created this info-graphic for anyone to utilize as a tool to educate clients on how one can write a review on the Google Local Business network. It is actually extremely simple when you know how! Share this post to educate your customers.


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