SEO Essentials That Every Website Should have

SEO Essentials That Every Website Should have

Last year saw some vast Google changes that altered how search engine optimization (SEO) work was performed. But, through it all, Google continues to insist on the same set of criteria for gaining top search engine results. They are to build your brand, don’t try to fool the system, don’t purchase links to your website and don’t link from other websites that aren’t relevant to your own site. The bottom line is that if you go against these recommendations, Google lowers how well your website shows up on searches.

SEO work was once an easy accomplishment. All you did was pack your web page with keywords and ensure that the links going to that page were also filled with keywords. Later, Google updates said some practices weren’t liked by the search engine. Links were bought and sold like popcorn at a movie theater. But, Google didn’t have the algorithms to back up their policies.

SEOAll that changed last year when the Google Sheriff came to town. There’s a new law in the Internet world. The Penguin and Panda changes altered everything. Now, you need engagement that includes sharing and social interaction. There needs to be educational content related to your links.

The days of blog and forum creation for easy link creation are over. Forget buying links. That isn’t going to work today. Directory links are out the window and lethargic article marketing won’t cut the mustard, either. What’s interesting is that the general public doesn’t even know anything has changed. As a result, seedy SEO entities still convince business owners that they can gain huge returns on strategies that are far outdated.

If you’re being approached by an SEO scam artist from yesteryear, here are some pointers to realize:

  • A website with no content is going nowhere on an engine search.
  • A noxious link profile is deadly for search engine ranking.
  • Reproduce the content from another website and Google will sink you.
  • Website creation requires hard work to create original copy.
  • If you’re not doing SEO, realize that your competitors have been performing SEO for years.
  • SEO success takes time. It doesn’t happen in one day.
  • The old SEO ways are over. It’s a new SEO world today.
  • Google now makes changes every week.
  • Therefore, SEO is always on the change.

No Content Equals a Tanked Website

You’re just not going to get looked at by today’s search engines if your website is lacking in content. If you have web pages which are lacking in content, consider getting rid of them or filling them up with content. And, it’s not the time for meaningless filler. It should be genuine and original.

A Toxic Link Profile is Deadly

This might be the most important aspect about your website with the most recent Google updates. You can do all the SEO work you want, but if your website is full of toxic links identified by Google, all of your work is a waste of time. A toxic link profile includes links to your website from poor quality sites, a large amount of anchor text links, links coming in from blog networks, links from paid posts, links from dead directories and links from irrelevant sites.

Eliminating links that Google views as bad can take some very serious time. Moreover, get a penalty from Google, eliminate the toxic link profile and you’re probably looking at up to seven reconsideration requests before Google will take off your penalty. Once that’s done, you’re in for several weeks of waiting before you notice a positive change.


Matching Content Will Kill Your Website

If you know of material on your website that was copied from somewhere else on the Internet, handle it now. Certainly, it’s no fun creating your own copy to replace writing that imitates another website, but it’s imperative that it’s removed. Hire a marketing agency or a copywriter and you can reduce some of the work, but ultimately someone needs to create genuine original writing for your website. If you keep duplicate material on your website, you’re not going to get search engine results, and that’s a genuine guarantee.

Website Creation Takes Hard Work

Even if you hire someone else to create your original copy, you still have a great deal of work to accomplish. When the copywriters you hire are finished, move that copy into place, pronto. This is a serious matter that requires the utmost diligence. Wait too long and your website is history as a reliable place of commerce.

Your Competition Already Knows SEO

If you don’t know the first thing about SEO, you’re already late for the train, because your competition not only knows it, but they’ve probably been riding the SEO train for quite some time. That means you may be several years behind your competition on SEO tactics. The point is, if you’re just at the SEO starting line, realize that you’re in for a long uphill climb before your website is on par with those who have been optimizing their search engine possibilities for years.

Success With SEO Takes Time

So, you want to kick-start your SEO efforts to get to the top in a couple months. Sorry, quality SEO work takes more time than that. Optimization techniques have changed. There is a chance that your website is in for a great deal of work before success can be found. If the link profile on your website stinks, time will be required to figure out the problems and then even more time will be needed to get the entire job accomplished. Additional time will pass before you see results.


Yesterday’s Methods are Today’s Trash

When someone tells you that they can boost your search engine capability with additional keywords or by selling you links, realize that sales person is in the SEO Dark Ages. What used to work in the past isn’t working now and won’t work in the future.

Google is on a Constant Change

The last major change with Google wasn’t their last one. Instead of waiting a couple of years for another update, Google has implemented a course of action whereby little changes take place on more of a weekly or biweekly basis. How do you keep up with this? You hire an SEO professional who has his or her hand on the pulse of these changes. Also, it helps to stay agile in keeping an ever-changing website.

SEO is Changing, Too

It goes without saying that if Google is always changing, so, too, is the business of optimizing your website for search engines. 

The above concepts are extremely important essentials for all website owners to know. The future of SEO will become more complex as time rushes on. It requires patience, time and professionals who know what they’re doing.

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