Social Media For Doctors

Social Media For Doctors

Because physicians are often reluctant to take risks, they have been slow to work with social media as an advertising tool. After all, there is risk involved with using social media, since whatever is written online remains permanently available for people’s perusal. But consider how many times a physician makes decisions that carry risk for a patient’s health. One tenet of medicine is that you sometimes have to take a risk of doing a patient harm in order to do the greater good. If you don’t want to face the complications, then you give up doctoring.

The same holds true in the world of social media. People in the medical industry have reached a crossroads today. As a medical professional, you can either continue down the same well used path that keeps you out of social media and away from potential patients. This is the safe route, a world where you dot every “i” and cross every “t”, and you never engage in discussions on the Internet.

The alternative path is to embrace the use of social media in order to get the word out to patients, and to join in on the conversation that’s going on right now on the Internet. By using social media as a tool, you can magnify the amount of good you can do, both for your patients and yourself, as well as the medical profession in general.

Social For Doctors

Posted by: Joel Canter

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