10 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Never Make

10 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Never Make

A vast number of businesses use social media websites without putting thought into actually marketing their wares or services. If you’re not building a significant social following to help contribute to sales, you might be wasting your time. 

Social Media the JHG Way

Check and see if any of the following social media lapses are part of your online habits.

1.    Failing to Measure Your ROI

You’ll never know how well your goals are being achieved if you fail to measure them. Measuring the rate of return (ROI) of a social media marketing campaign is the first step to establishing your business communication in the social media world. Then, you own a traceable record, which is a method of measuring your success, or lack thereof.

2.    A Slow Reply to Client Concerns

Almost one third of your clients who contact your business via a social media website are looking for an answer 30 minutes after asking you a question. Plus, a quarter of your customers expect this fast of a response, even when their request is made during traditionally non-business hours.

So, prior to gearing up for a social media presence by your business you had better enhance the speed of your company’s customer service response. A couple of Internet approaches in facilitating the monitoring of online clients are a paid service entitled sproutsocial, or a free service called hootsuite.

3.    Discounting Bad Social Media Comments

It’s never wise to ignore poor comments published about your business in the social media world. An even worse practice is to erase negative social media messages. Truthful explanations, with a teaspoonful of humility, along with a plan of action to correct past inadequacies by your company, are the best answers to sour comments. Remember, you’re not only answering that individual’s concerns, but all of your customers’ apprehensions.

4.    Running Social Media Marketing by the Seat of Your Pants

Some businesses randomly emit social media posts as ideas arise, like a farmer on a tractor bouncing across the field by the seat of his pants. A better approach is to develop a complete social media marketing plan with definable targets. Then, daily posts can be effectively written to adhere to the strategy, which was preplanned by you for your business.

5.    Lack of Establishing Procedures for Managing a Social Media Presence

If your business isn’t prepared for communicating on social media websites, there’s bound to be some rocky times ahead. To place a positive appearance in the public’s eye, consider determining the following social media essentials:

  • Set guidelines for the official tone of the messages emanating from your business.
  • Decide what type of visuals your company will employ and how.
  • Determine themes and subjects appropriate to represent your business.
  • Establish an update frequency…weekly, biweekly, every other day, or daily.
  • Decide which employee(s) are in charge of social media updates.

6.    Write the Same Post on All Social Media Sites

The manner of your message should vary as much as the different social media websites differ from each other. Perhaps your message on Facebook is more in-depth, as compared to a quick piece of wit or wisdom on Twitter. Maybe you change away from text to a visual display on Pinterest and create some video for your YouTube account.

Automatically posting the same content to all of your social media accounts means you’re not adopting appropriate subject matter into each individual social media channel. It also means your message isn’t as effective as you need it to be in order to connect with your audience.

7.    Treating Social Media Posts as If They Are Ads

Surveys indicate that social media readers don’t trust advertisements. Instead, they trust comments made by their social media friends. Don’t turn your social media posts into advertisements for your business. Instead, invite followers with content which is useful to them. It needs to be revealing, appealing, and casual. A little humor never hurts. Kick on a sales pitch and you’re sure to turn your audience off.

8.    Fail to Invite an Exchange of Ideas

When you’re at a party or a social event, talking with friends, the last activity anyone wants to get into is listening to someone who speaks, but doesn’t listen. It’s the same with social media conversations. You’re not there to make announcements. Your audience wishes to become involved. So, don’t broadcast your business. Instead, invite an interaction of thoughts. You’ll be amazed how many followers you’ll gain with this simple invitation.

9.    There are No Followers to Your Social Media Posts

You aren’t successful on the social media front if you don’t come away with followers. Good planning and successfully touching on topics that spark your audience’s intrigue is a method to developing a significant following. If your followers are miniscule, work up a new social media plan.

10.         Social Media Updates Don’t Happen

Probably the worst online practice is to never make a change to your website or within your social media accounts. Always post new updates. Hourly updates might be excessive, but you at least need to perform posts, register new content every couple of days, or at the bare minimum, monthly. The audience in the social media world sees new material every minute. If you’re not there, you’re forgotten.

Posted by: Joel Canter

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