Why Every Business Needs Google Plus

Why Every Business Needs Google Plus

google-Plus-iconSocial media websites the likes of Friendster and Myspace were once all the rage. Today it’s Facebook and tomorrow there will probably be another social media giant. There’s an obvious pattern here. Adoption rates skyrocket in one social media website. Then, a new website becomes the next “in” place to be and new users move to a new location.  We at JHG Media believe Google+ is critical to any online brand management.

So, is Facebook on its way out? It might be when you view the amazing growth of Google+. Registered users from the end of 2012 to the end of 2013 went from 435 million to 1.15 billion. That number puts Google+ in a second-place position behind Facebook, which sits at the top with 1.23 billion registered users. Will Google+ overtake the number one position? It might. Read on. 


Why You or Your Marketing Team Should Double Down On Google+

Marketers who use Google Plus are now given a boost in how Google rates search engine results. If there are 100 active engagement followers on your Google+ page, your search engine ranking results of your website can see a boost of 14 positions. Such a change could place your website onto the first page for your niche.

The reason this is possible is that a year ago, Google has combined Google+ into its entire family of services. Google Local and Google Search, along with Google+, Gmail, Blogger and Youtube are all one complete group; in other words, one login for everything.

There’s something else. When you own a Google Plus profile, you can claim authorship on copy produced by you. You’re the author and no matter where your material is placed, Google now recognizes you as the original author. What does that mean? Well, as original content, Google places a higher relevance on your “original” text.

What’s more, you can link to your content from your Google+ profile, thereby allowing an easy flow to your entire original content when someone Googles your name. With these links, your credibility grows, your exposure expands and your search engine rankings increase.


Google’s Circles Add Another Marketing Factor

The “circle” concept in Google Plus lets a marketer create groups constructed from the type of relationship you have with each person. Circles can be generated in a varying medley of possibilities in Google+, thereby allowing you to send messages to each group or to all of your circles together. 

The reverse is possible, in that you can get updates from selected contacts, in order to get a better understanding of your audience. Add G-mail into the picture and you can blast a Google+ post to circle contacts via an e-mail.

Google+ Circles


Business Connections and Google+ Go Hand-in-Hand

Google Plus is a better connection to the business community than Twitter or Facebook. It contains easier methods for placing important messages to your audience. What’s amusing is that there aren’t too many experts spouting the business virtues of Google+. Yet, it seems as though everyone agrees that Google+ is an important social media platform. If that’s the case, there’s a real urgency that you use Google+ in your social media marketing strategy.

Posted by: Joel Canter

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