Online Branding – How to Get Noticed

Online Branding – How to Get Noticed

Online BrandingSeveral activities make online branding a success. It’s not only where you perform your branding, but how you do the job that measures the accomplishment of your branding effort. Below are a number of things to remember while you launch your brand online. 

Be Creative With Your Online Marketing

There are three elements to an effective online branding strategy and they are:

  1. Knowing who you want to target with your brand.
  2. Presenting a benefit to all of your online visitors.
  3. Developing an online personality.

Information should only be placed on your site if it has a definite task and that job is to make sure it grabs the attention of the type of customer you’re targeting. When your customer is paying attention, you then can demonstrate that you have something that benefits him or her. You can show off your qualifications, list awards, or indicate superior points when compared to competitors. A tone needs to be set in your online promotional efforts so that your customers regard your online efforts as an old friend.

Then, online marketing efforts should be compared with brochures, information sheets and business letters to ensure that the same brand efforts permeate throughout your business promotions. What you once used might be outdated, making it time to say “goodbye” to outdated material.

The next step is to check your results by tracking click-throughs, online sales and the growth of your market share, all features that can be tracked online. If your brand isn’t working, changes should be made to get it right. 

JHG MediaMake Sure Facebook is Part of Your Online Branding 

One mistake that shouldn’t be made by any online marketing agency is to ignore Facebook. If you think Facebook is a frivolous website for kids, think again. It’s number one when you’re involved with social media marketing.

Sure, it’s critical to build business sites in LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. But, you should never forget Facebook. One main reason is that social connections inevitably wander through Facebook. Plus, it’s well used. In a comScore 2013 report, the share of time spent on social networking sites was 83 percent for Facebook and 5.7 percent for the next largest social media competitor, Tumblr. Pinterest is next with a meager 1.9 percent, followed by Twitter at 1.7 percent and LinkedIn with 1.4 percent.

Facebook’s participants equal a billion users worldwide. You just can’t ignore the size of that audience. A key to its success is sharing, which matches nicely with moving your brand into the hands of new customers. Facebook users interact with friends, post status updates and write about their daily lives. When your brand furnishes them with their needs, you gain an audience for your business, which seeks you out.

The numbers say it all. When you want your brand to harness some energy, you need to have a presence on Facebook. Once you know how customers use this social media giant, you’re on your way to successful online branding. 

Shape Your Online Branding Strategies Wisely

When you understand what online branding is, you realize that it can drive paying customers to your business by instilling faith in your customers, showing prominence in the marketplace and developing relationships with targeted future customers online. It takes time to implement effective online branding. Here are some ideas that help get the process going.

  • Place your brand in as many social media websites as you can maintain on a regular basis. Also, use as many forms of online communication as possible (see the next idea).
  • youtubeUtilize video branding. YouTube is an excellent media for displaying your brand in video form. With over a billion YouTube users, video branding on this site equals a great potential for future customers to not only see you, but also your unique message. Plus, it equates to increased visits to your website, or other social media sites with your presence. The key to developing videos that hawk your brand on YouTube is to create them in such a way that they really speak to your target customer base. Originality, humor and distinctiveness are all traits to strive for when making a brand video. Online videos are best when they’re short and immediately grab the main points of your brand. Drop the time down to under two minutes. Include important brand properties, such as your business, your product and the benefits they give your customers.
  • Create a slide presentation. Photographic slides can be viewed online or downloaded for future reference. This is a perfect medium for guidelines, which offer help to your customers. Another possibility with slide shows is that they can be used by other authors who link to them, thereby boosting traffic to your website. Again, originality helps in making slides. You want eye-catching images that grab the attention of the customers you’re trying to pursue. Think about those people who write about the topic you’re using for your brand. Talk to those writers online and give them permission to use your slideshow in their writing efforts.
  • Make sure you include the best social websites that offer free publicity to target customers. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are four of the bigger social media sites. Contribute your brand to social media groups in ways that publicize your brand. Boost website visitation by branding in diverse social media networks. Improve online branding efforts by placing a constant brand on social media sites.
  • Distribute material related to your brand regularly. Consistency is imperative for effective social media branding, since it amplifies trust in your brand and your company.
  • Share knowledge in online discussion groups and while you’re sharing, make sure you add links to your website to amplify traffic to it.
  • Add useful information in an active online community. You can boost traffic to your own website and gather trust in your brand.
  • Add question and answers to online sites, such as Quora and Yahoo Answers, as a method of moving traffic to your website.

An online marketing agency, such as JHG Media, can assist you in implementing your online branding efforts to put your message everywhere online in order to substantiate an online reputation, increase trust in your brand and transform social media participants into solid, paying customers for your business.

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