Top 10 Social Media Services

Top 10 Social Media Services

Selecting Social media services for your business depends a great deal on the variety of content that you plan on producing, the audience that you plan on attracting, the strategy you want your business to implement through the social media world, plus the values you want displayed to your potential customers. That said, there are some websites in the social media world that all businesses should put their brand into based upon their huge user base. There are others that may be very beneficial to promoting your product or service, based on what you sell and who you sell it to. Here are the details.


Social Network Services Used by Everyone

At a membership of over one billion users, no business should discard the chance of using their social media optimization services in Facebook. Originally started in February 2004 for college students, it’s the number one social network website in the world. Business pages are easy to start on Facebook and with an average user possessing 130 friends, your message can multiply quickly.

Twitter, Facebook, YoutubeTwitter is an easy social site for putting a human touch on your company’s brand. Small blogs, or tweets, can be produced to give your business a comfortable and friendly relationship with future customers. Created in 2004, there are half a billion users on Twitter that have the potential of “following” your business’s Twitter message. If your business participates in an event, the “hashtag” portion of Twitter can be used to generate an intense following.

YouTube, owned by Google, shares videos to its 300 million users. As many as 100 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video is one of the most powerful social media tools in your arsenal and shouldn’t be ignored. Another social media website owned by Google is Google+ (pronounced google, plus). From its start in 2011, this social service already has 500 million users and definitely needs to be included on any business’s social media radar.

With over 50 million users, Tumblr, a micro-blogging site started in 2006 and purchased by Yahoo! in 2013, is great if you have products for customers under the age of 44. Visual content works well on Tumblr, since 50 percent of its posts are photos.


You Need to Use These Social Media Services for Small Business

LinkedInLinkedIn sports up to 200 million business and professional users and adds two members every second. This is an ideal business networking website when you want to apply your social media management services to attract the attention of other businesses in a B2B format. Business leads have great potential through this business social media location.

If you deal in products that look fabulous in the visual world and women buy your product, Pinterest is worth considering. Photos are shared in a bulletin board style on this social media website started in 2009. About 75 percent of its users are female, its users usually have higher incomes than users on other social media sites and there are 25 million people who use Pinterest. Since users can follow a brand, photos from your company website can easily result in a large fan club at this social media website.

Quora is a social media site where questions and answers are organized and edited by its users. The great aspect about this social media location is that users can connect it with their Facebook or Twitter pages. That means extra followers come to your business through this combined social media effort. Engage in conversations related to the product that your business sells and you gain a voice to bring in even more fans, which can equal paying customers in the future.

Ryze is a business social networking website that is especially crafted for entrepreneurs. With half a million users, there are 1,000 organizations with networks at this location. Talkbiznow is another social media site keying into business users. It provides file sharing, voice conferencing and web conferencing services to its users.


FREE is the Best Feature of Social Media Services Pricing

One great aspect that you can build into your social media marketing template is that in most cases, there is no fee to establish an account on a social network website. Paid memberships are possible with LinkedIn and Ryze, but it’s free to become a member on these two social media sites, too. Paid advertisements are displayed throughout the social media world, but membership is usually kept free in order to gain large followings.

There are several more social media offerings with new start-ups around the corner on almost a daily basis. For a larger list of over 100 possibilities, visit Wikipedia’s list of social networking websites. With a good strategy in hand, some quality content and a target audience to seek, there’s a great possibility for good marketing value with these social media services.

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