Learn How To Protect Your Brand With Online Reputation Management

Learn How To Protect Your Brand With Online Reputation Management

Online Brand ManagementJust what is online reputation management? It’s a service that gives you the ability to check and administer your brand’s online reputation. Not only do you cultivate positive Internet reviews and bury negative ones with online reputation management, but you also boost your search results and traffic to your website by adding thoughtful content about your niche and brand to multiple online channels and media.


Online Reputation Management Companies Boost Search Engine Results

Google is the king of search engines, with over 80 percent of all online searches handled by them. Google performs regular updates to its algorithms, which are used to determine how high a website’s ranking is for a specific Internet search.

GoogleInstead of making massive waves, Google is now slowly rolling out changes over a 10-day period each month. Google is also putting a higher priority on what they call “authority sites,” such as Wikipedia and about.com. Website owners who use Google+ are seeing better search engine ratings through Google as well.

What is a surety in changes related to Google’s search rankings is that they’re always fluctuating and it takes highly-trained professionals to better keep track of the changes in Google algorithms in order to establish approaches to take advantage of new changes. Through the services of an online reputation manager, such as JHG Media, your website is in a better position to be in the first page of Google search engine results.


Boost Your Online Presence With These Online Reputation Management Tips

The comments that customers say about your company help to boost your ranking with search engines, such as Google. The more comments are made, even negative comments, the higher a search engine puts your business on the possibility of getting listed for a given online search. With active online reputation management, you can handle adverse online posts. Here are some tips:

  • Always work to resolve a complaint. Even when a complaint seems frivolous, it’s better to avoid a damaging appraisal of your business.
  • Take the positive approach. Never talk down to your customers online. The Internet isn’t the place for you to be the nasty teacher or the arrogant bully. Remember, everyone is watching and listening online.
  • Respond quickly to your customers. One full day is too late for your responses.
  • Actively solicit reviews from your customers. Every business can benefit from feedback to improve their business.
  • Make yourself and your business available. Often, complaints are made by customers who cannot find ways to communicate with a business. Not only should there be several means for customers to communicate, but you should show easy access to such communication methods. 


The simplest way to get reviews of praise is to just ask for them. By promoting communication, positive responses will arrive. With cultivation of reviews derived from active online reputation management, you can provide links to websites, such as Yelp, that feature commentary about companies. So, not only are you handling negative commentary about your business, you’re boosting positive comments in such a way as to improve the great reviews that show up online related to your business, its name and its online marketing brand.


Details About Personal Online Reputation Management

The bottom line about using online reputation management methodology is that you gain control of how others see you or your business online. This includes positive messages about you, along with negative ones. Since Internet authors can be anonymous, damaging, yet true information can surface about your past that can have a detrimental effect on your reputation.

So, why should you hire a professional reputation manager? Probably a good analogy would be to take a look at your antivirus software. Do you have the time to monitor all of the hazards put online by online hackers? Of course you don’t, nor do you have time to do an effective job in managing your online reputation. That’s where the professionals, such as JHG Media, come into view.



Now, if you think you don’t need reputation managers, because you aren’t the kind of person who posts nude photos of yourself online, then you’re only looking at one side of the coin. Positive online reputation makes the Internet work for you and your company. If you’re not looking at the positive side of this approach, your company is losing out on potential customers.

Most customers perform online searches before buying products. If an online search on you or your business brings up nothing, you’re not utilizing an important tool that can equal future income for you and your company. Likewise, if an online search for your business brings up material that doesn’t match its brand, the Internet is not helping you in any manner.

To perfect an online reputation, first a professional bio detailing your brand needs to be the initial item seen by anyone searching your company’s name. Also, five to ten highlights written about you and your business that sets it apart from the rest in the industry are placed online and accentuated in such a way as to give them high priority when a search engine is used to query your business name or brand. By consistently working on this kind of an effort, you become a hands-on manager of your reputation and beat any effort made by anonymous sources to give your company an online sore.

Actions, such as setting up a Google alert, where you’re notified with an e-mail when certain keywords, phrases, or your company’s name is searched on Google, can help in monitoring online activity pertinent to you and your company. There are a number of other monitoring techniques that can be used to help you in this regard.

The fact is that from boosting your company’s search engine rankings to putting your best foot forward, online reputation management gives you and your company a fantastic advantage over the competition for gaining customers via the Internet. As tablets and smart phones become a common tool in everyday life and potential customers look for answers to their purchasing questions through these electronic devices, it’s important that your online reputation is second-to-none. By sharpening your online reputation, your company stays on top of the 21st Century online pyramid.

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