Top 10 SEO Tactics for 2014

Top 10 SEO Tactics for 2014

Search Engine OptimizationAs we experience the beginning of 2014, it’s wise to view our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and pinpoint areas of improvement. The following are 10 ideas for tweaking your SEO approach.


1. Test Drive that SEO Car, First

Sometimes we get caught up in the sales pitch from the SEO authorities without giving their ideas a trial run. Before you buy into any SEO idea touted online, take a test drive in that SEO car and see how it handles, first.

One of the simplest mistakes to make is to buy the SEO pitch and apply it to someone else’s website before you give it a try.


2. Keep Content Original

According to Google’s man in charge of their Webspam team, Matt Cutts, anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of all content online is copied from other websites. Replicating someone else’s work is not only wrong, it’s plagiarism and illegal. Plus, it puts your work in the search engine sandbox.

Let your copy machine duplicate writing. Instead, work harder on generating links to your website, fueling content written by your readers, adding useful copy full of knowledgeable ideas, including multimedia approaches to displaying your material in such a way as to induce social media sharing.


3. Be Like Abe Lincoln and Teach Yourself SEO

We all know the story of how “Honest Abe” Lincoln studied law books by the light of the fireplace prior to becoming a lawyer. Use the 16th President of the United States as inspiration. Vast SEO knowledge is available from Google, Moz, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch. The SEO specialty is a fast-moving field, so it’s important to keep up by establishing some Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds and reviewing them on a daily basis.


4. Write Like Hemmingway

Author Ernest Hemmingway used a minimalist writing style. He once confided with fellow writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, that for every page of great writing, he threw out 91 pages of garbage. Throw out the excess verbiage on your website and use short sentences, write short first paragraphs and use vigorous words that show passion and focus. Also, seek the positive voice and toss anything that features what something isn’t. Your readers want to know what it is.

This kind of simple writing fits right into the responsive web design needed for mobile electronic consumers who might read your website, because trim tactics also adhere to slashing extra code and optimizing images so that your content loads fast.


5. Keep on Testing

JHG MediaAs any SEO specialist knows, there’s always another search engine change to turn your fine work into garbage. What’s a quality SEO expert to do? Before an SEO idea is implemented, test it, test it again, and test it one more time. In order to get the finest online encounter, servers should be tested, the website must prove user friendly, and website user engagement needs to be tested.


6. Always Think of the User

Developing a website isn’t about you. It’s about providing the user with an optimal experience. So, when you diminish the user’s online experience, by using link ploys, or finding cheap overseas sources for your content, the user visiting your website loses out. Before you implement an Internet shortcut, make sure it’s to the benefit of those people who use your website and not just a benefit to you.  


7. Remember That Content is King

Look at every piece of content on your website and ask the following questions:

  • Is this content worthy enough that someone might share it?
  • Does this content provide the user with useful information?
  • Does this content focus into what a user is searching for?

If the result of any of these three questions is a “no,” it’s time to get rid of that content. Strive for unique material that supports the key aspects of each of these questions.  


8. Enjoy an SEO Bonanza

If SEO is performed correctly, you can use analysis, metrics and data to better budget your Internet dollars and get the best bang for your buck. By investing in proper SEO techniques, you enjoy a long term gain, whether it’s with future customers who are satisfied, better perceptions about your online customers, or a boost in the bottom line of your business.  


9.  Take in an SEO Seminar

Sometimes, reading SEO information isn’t as informative as taking in an SEO conference in person. The concentrated sessions of a seminar often impart firsthand knowledge at a faster rate than anything you read online. Seeing is believing when you get to watch SEO ideas unfold before your very eyes.  


10. Share with the SEO World

As you strive to share your website’s material with the social media world, also work at revealing your SEO knowledge to others who are taking their first SEO steps. Quality online experiences enhance everyone’s environment online. As more people seek and find material that helps them, the Internet becomes a better place for everyone. Users who realize all they’re finding is copies of other work get turned off. By creating original, unique copy, everyone’s online experience becomes better.

By adhering to some or all of the preceding approaches to your SEO work, you can create a website that not only is seen by more people, but is also a positive experience for those who enjoy it this year.

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