Online Brand Management – Importance of Understanding Generic Top-Level Domains

Online Brand Management – Importance of Understanding Generic Top-Level Domains

Online Brand ProtectionThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) presented the first generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) last fall, which means that the 22 present domains of .com, .org and .net are expanding to as many as 1,400 new domains. This explosive expansion of domains is happening right now, giving brands new potential for use and another area for protecting your brand from exploitation. Online brand management is more important now than ever before.

An unprecedented enlargement of gTLDs means a new strategy needs to be in place to defend your brand. Decisions include whether to register in the new gTLDs, block your brand in the new domains, or to ramp up operations for surveillance of your brand in the upcoming domains. Risk management and legal experts can help develop strategies for this new Internet arena.

Brand Managers Report Over 600 gTLDs Expected in Three Years

An expected expansion of 22 to over 600 gTLDs in the next three years amounts to 27 times today’s number, which means it’s now unaffordable for a company to register all brand names in this many extensions. It means that the traditional method of defensive domain registrations must switch to a system of monitoring this growing Internet nomenclature to protect brands. Gather your brand protection forces and foster strategies for sensing and alleviating new domains which encroach on your brands and embezzle customers from your business.

Beware of the Copycat Brand Stealers

With the ever-present smart phone, customers expect unified brands through all media. It means that corrupt entities out to steal brands are wise to inventing duplicate websites, with matching phone apps, which pull web customers into their waiting hands. Twenty percent of all online shoppers are conned into looking at a phony website selling product not made by the company they seek.

By constructing a thorough online brand management protection plan, your company can enhance your brand and grow trust in your customers by ensuring that they aren’t lured into the hands of mischievous imitators of your brand.



Online Brand Management Requires Fast Movement

Whether you’re involving your brand on social media or for mobile applications, these marketplaces are constantly changing with the addition of newer social networks and the daily inclusion of apps for mobile phones. As these electronic formats evolve, you must be just as fluid with your brand management, so that you can keep your brand one step ahead of those who might want to duplicate it. With the constant uptick of overseas social websites, an ever-increasing birth of brand hijackers is possible, thereby requiring a worldwide scrutinizing technique.

Move Domain Defense into Your Top Priority

As more domains enter the Internet world, those who want to commandeer your brand and even hack and pull down your website are an even more growing threat. Since a domain is your online business castle, a full-time emphasis must go into protecting it. Ultramodern security and several tiers of domain protection should be used to make sure this is a top priority for your business.

There are Advantages to Brand Protection

Besides defending your brand, a vigilant brand protection strategy builds confidence in your consumer base and protects your brand from a variance in distribution, service, pricing and the marketing of your precise products and services. By teaming up with legal entities to safeguard your brand, you can witness significant income gains, while at the same time you take a bite out of the fraudsters who might do harm to your company.

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