Three Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Online Reputation

Three Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Online Reputation

JHG MediaIn today’s world of an ever-increasing complications with social media, you or your company can enjoy positive online feedback, or suffer the consequences of negatively-tainted comments, and that’s when online reputation management helps. An online brand manager submerges negative search results and floats positive results to the surface.

For instance, you might want your professional history highlighted at the top of searches. Or, you may wish to bury old, but truthful, medical records. Managing your digital reputation contributes to putting your best foot forward. Here are some reasons why this is important.

Reputations Can Rise and Fall Quickly Online

Comments on social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+, which tarnish your reputation, can be made by relatively anonymous users who cannot be identified or located on a map. Maybe you were once fired from a job. Perhaps as a twenty-something college kid, you drank too much and ended up in a courtroom. Such moments of the past can devastate your reputation and when you’re looking to hang a positive shingle online, you don’t want these skeletons dancing out of the online closet.



Bad comments aren’t eliminated. Strategies are used to make them less likely to show up on the first page of a search engine pursuit. Once something isn’t on the first page of a Google search, it really doesn’t exist.

And, even if you have a squeaky-clean past, paying attention to your online reputation is important. A good online reputation management expert can boost search findings to make the Internet work for you, instead of not working at all. We live in a society where answers come to consumers via Facebook. If you’re promoting your business online, say it’s plumbing services, and someone searches your company’s name and the results give them the same name, but for a concert pianist, that search didn’t help your business. Good online reputation management includes heightening your personal and business brand.

Online Reputation Management is Simple & Best When Proactive

Here are the basics of a social media makeover. First, a professional write-up develops biographical information, which needs to be simply stated, not too flowery, or over the top. Second, techniques are used by an online reputation manager to bring that bio to the top of all online searches. Thirdly, more than one item is involved in this social media flotsam of positivism about you or your company and any one of five to 10 items might show up at the top of a search.

Often, reputation managers are called in when clients have a sudden problem, which isn’t the best scenario. Getting a reputable online reputation manager to handle issues before they blow up is not only better, it’s also usually less expensive.

Today’s Online World Makes it Easier to Dig Up Dirt

privacyThere once was a time when in order to gain information about someone, you had to know someone at the county courthouse in order to have access to files, or you had to obtain a court order for the information. The Internet has changed that aspect of life. Today, people can sit at their computer, laptop or smart phone at home and find information.

Plus, there are Internet blackmailers who publish degrading information online, contact the person who would be affected by this information and ask for a fee to remove the material. They then back that fee request up with a request for additional money to keep it off the Internet. The U.S. Court system hasn’t wrapped its arms around the legality of this phenomenon, but relatively soon, there should be legal instruments to arm innocent people who want to battle this problem.

A person has two choices right now to fight this issue. You can break down and pay the online ransom. Or, you can hire the gun slinger in the white hat, the good guys, to defend your reputation. In today’s social media world, the cowboy with the white hat is a competent online reputation management expert. If you haven’t hired one, you should.

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