Keep Your Website Design Simple and Current

Keep Your Website Design Simple and Current

website designRunning a business is tough. There are so many aspects to entrepreneurship that there is usually not enough time in any given day to accomplish all of the goals that you set for yourself. You know that a viable and dynamic website is important for your business, but quite frankly, the company website design suffers due to time constraints.

Whether you’re building a new website, or tweaking the current site, here are some simple ideas essential for good website design. The following thoughts help keep your company website connected to the right audience to draw in new customers and to keep your current clientele.


Make Your Life Easier with One Business Website

Customers prefer just one Internet location when seeking your website. When you view your website as your online store, it’s easy to see that keeping life simple with one website makes the most sense to you and your customers. Confusion reigns for customers when businesses employ more than one website, because they don’t know which website to view. Equally important is to eliminate old websites.


Take Control by Purchasing Your Domain Name

Your website’s domain name involves the words others key into their web browser to get to your website, such as The last portion of the domain name, or the “.com” part, is known as the “top level domain name,” or TLD. Besides “.com,” other TLD names include .net, .org, .biz, .info and .coop. There are also TLD names designating countries, such as .ca for Canada and .uk for the United Kingdom. It’s inexpensive to buy domains. There’s an advantage to owning domains with several TLD, such as and

domain nameWhen you own all domain names with different TLDs, you have greater control of your business Internet future and don’t have someone trying to dislodge you from your domain name. You also gain a strong search engine capability when potential customers look for your online business location, since all domain names lead to you and not to some other type of business.


Remember, Your Website is For Your Customers

Of course, it’s appropriate to add personal tastes into your website, because the personal touch attracts customers to your business. But, always remember that the ultimate goal of a business website is to maintain and attract more customers. It’s more about your customers than about you when considering website design.

That means navigation through your company’s website needs to be easy. Adding glitz to your site that eats up the customer’s time, such as flash animations and music that automatically loads, can turn potential customers off so that their answer is to exit your site before viewing it. Keep your website simple. Navigation should be intuitive, not something the customer must think about.


Originality is Important

Refrain from borrowing from others. Keep all wording on your website original and don’t repeat phrases to another location on your site. The reason is simple. Copying exact words from another website is plagiarism. Not only is it morally wrong, but search engines, such as Google, drop your ranking when they find content on your website that is duplicate to other sites online. So, when you craft your words, make them your own.


Don’t Make Your Prices a Mystery

dollar signOK, maybe the item or service that you sell is expensive. That’s just fine. Put that price front and center. The reason for displaying the cost to do business with you is that making customers search excessively for prices just makes them mad. Remember, your website is not for you, but it’s for your customers.

Along with this same philosophy, ensure that contact information, such as your company name, physical address, telephone number, e-mail address, social media addresses and website, are all displayed in a logical place on every page in your website. A great location is in the header of each website page. Another good idea is to link to a simple contact form on every page. Customers should never be required to search for this information. Plus, you give customers easy access to sources that answer their questions about your company.

Your company website represents your business online. Equal consideration should go into your website as you give to the effort of arranging your place of business to make sure customers view a logical and seamless website, which is easy to navigate and understand. Make your website easy to use and customers will pump money through it to your business.

Posted by: Joel Canter

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