Achieve a Cohesive Voice Through Online Brand Management

Achieve a Cohesive Voice Through Online Brand Management

Online brand management involves utilizing social media websites to promote your company’s message in a unique, positive and consistent manner to help boost your website’s search engine result status and to build a faithful following that helps promote your company and its products. It also involves monitoring your brand in order to extenuate the positives and negate any negative messaging.



Three Concepts Come With Online Brand Management Services

Online Brand ManagementStrategic brand management entails managing your message in such a way as to accomplish the following:

  • To make your brand unique enough to stand out from other brands in your industry.
  • To partner your brand with an optimistic outlook.
  • To give your brand a constant message that is always being seen online.

One method of adding uniqueness to your brand is to develop your own social media. In marketing lingo, this is classified as a “unique selling proposition,” or USP. The idea is that your company develops an explicit advantage relayed to potential customers associated with your product or service that isn’t available from anyone else.

Optimism is essential with online branding. There is always going to be some disapproval in the social media realm that equals a pessimistic scope of discussion. Your key is to bring the total quantity of positive and negative comments associated with your brand into a general upbeat tone. To accomplish that goal, you:

  • Don’t disregard negative comments, but instead address them with a positive twist.
  • Never join in on a deleterious social media tirade.
  • Stay on the up-and-up when dealing with disagreements and swerve away from vague comments, or dishonest statements.

When you present a consistent message or brand, your followers have an easier time grabbing onto aspects in the social media arena that they like about your brand. Plus, customers who follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook look forward to your message and are disappointed when they don’t see anything posted from you, hence, the need for consistency. You also need uniformity in the message that you present.

Bottom line, before you start on the quest to answer, “what is brand management?” you need to set some goals on what you want to say, and establish some guidelines through which to filter your social media messages, helping to enable you to place that consistently upbeat and distinctive brand out there to future potential customers.


Monitoring is Part of a Good Online Brand Strategy

Online Reputation ManagementBy listening to online conversations, you’re alerted to the possibility of future emergencies. Monitoring the social media galaxy allows you to become an effective online reputation management professional. Such online examination includes looking for complaints, issues, status updates, tweets, blogs and news items related to your company’s brand. It involves tracking your brand in such a way to alert you whenever it is mentioned online.

Effective online tracking includes looking for potential abbreviations and possible misspellings, so as to gather up all negative comments written by others who don’t want to be detected and who write negative comments that include misspellings and abbreviations on purpose.


Online Brand Marketing Hands You Customer Service Prospects

When you listen for comments about your brand online, such monitoring gives you a golden opportunity to gain on the customer service side of your business. Customers don’t always communicate with your website. Often, people would rather post something about you in their Facebook “status” section, add a tweet to their Twitter account or develop an entire blog post in their own daily blog. When you scrutinize for your brand throughout the entire social media world, you find the “other” comments written about your brand, making it possible to add to your positive customer service comments.

News is not always established through conventional means with today’s social media climate. Virtually anyone can be a journalist these days, because of smart phones that take still photographs and videos. The only way to know if your brand is part of today’s online news is through effective brand monitoring.

To start your monitoring techniques, first register probable domain names that are a direct link to your brand. Remember, include potential abbreviations. Also, think about not only, but the .org and .biz domain names. Another consideration is to remember the free domain names at and

Grab your brand name on pertinent social media websites. If you think it costs too much money to own all of the Internet names associated with your brand, consider attorney fees associated with legal battles to gain these names in the future, when someone else is “legally” able to muddy up your brand.

Next, use Google Alerts to help you monitor your brand. Over 80 percent of the searches performed online are through Google. With their alerts service, you can receive an e-mail every time a specific phrase is searched through Google. It might include a word associated with your brand, a keyword in your industry, or your business or personal name.

There are a multitude of online engagement and listening tools that are available to help you in monitoring a variety of phrases, words and thoughts expressed online. Managing a multiplicity of online websites and platforms is a time-consuming chore and takes away from your primary form of business.

JHG MediaThat’s where JHG Media comes into the picture. When you hire a professional who is familiar with online reputation and brand management techniques, you get the results you need without the requirement of adding time to this task. Because, let’s face it, there’s only so much time in a day to get necessary items accomplished in order to make your business thrive. But, ignore today’s online social media trends and both you and your business could end up dead in the water.

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and place online brand management at the forefront of your business plan. Your personal JHG Media representative can show you ways in which successful brand management in today’s social media world not only enhances your business, but also averts potential hazards in the future.


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