Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation ManagementOnline reputation management, or the influence and understanding of the reputation of an individual or a business through the Internet, is divided into two main areas, which are proactive management and reactive management. The first deals with continuous reputation protection. The second involves handling a recent crisis as the result of an online barrage of negative comments. As in all cases of life, it’s better to be proactive then to be forced into a reactive condition.

The power of online social media sites can enhance your company’s brand and produce amazing results. On the flip-side, the tide of opinion can swamp your business with enough negative comments to drop the hatchet on you and your business. So, here are some considerations about working against the sweeping tide of negativity.


Time is Necessary for Effective Personal Online Reputation Repair

Skirting online comments that harm your business takes energy and time. When the business alligators are snapping at your feet, there’s no time for checking online for negative remarks. That’s where an online reputation manager can help. This entity can do the following:

  • Scrutinize Social Media for Consumer Activity – Bookmark anyone or organization who writes remarks that detract from your brand. Check out websites such as and, two spots where bad complaints thrive. Don’t answer comments on these websites, because that only extends the life of the negative remark. Instead, tackle concerns with communication on your own website.
  • Make Your Website the Center for the Complaints – It sounds counterproductive to harbor complaints about your company on your company’s website, but when you own the medium of communication, you’re in control. Plus, customers usually refrain from writing highly charged rants on a company website.
  • Refrain From Censorship – You don’t want to remove complaints. Customers don’t trust websites where comments are removed and that only stops them from looking at your website. When you’re the owner of the medium, you simply want to zero in on the complaint and fix it.
  • Keep the Same Message – Make sure that throughout all of your communication there is a theme and an attitude that pervades all comments, which balances with your general public theme. You don’t want a message online that is different from what the customer service professionals in your company are saying. Get everyone touting the same message.
  • Quickly Address Complaints – When a complaint goes unanswered on your company’s website, you display a message of a business that doesn’t care. Speed is important to squelching further complaints by others. Did you notice that we’re speaking about “your website?” Responding to grievances on a consumer complaint website should not be the role of online reputation repair, since it just increases the ranking and time in which that complaint is seen.
  • Turn Rubbish into Gold – Some of the best advocates for your business are former disgruntled consumers. After solving a problem, invite the recipient of your solution to comment on your website. There’s no better way to prove your point than for others to praise your company’s problem-solving savvy.


Online Reputation Management Services Keeps Your Business Shining

The internet isn’t always the most ethical place. For instance, there are those who use mugshots as a method of extorting money. In this kind of scheme, you’re asked to pay a fee of a few hundred dollars to remove an arrest photograph from an online source. Pay the money and you’re sure to get a similar notice that your mugshot is online in a new location, requiring additional funds for its removal.

Another type of poor ethics online involves the manufacturing of bad press by a so-called online reputation management companies. They then, in turn, use it as an example of ill words written online about your business, in order to get you to use them as a firm to clean up your online reputation.

Needless to say, before hiring an effective online reputation manager for your business, it’s important to your reputation that this entity contains a sterling reputation, too. Here are some other considerations:

  • Speak to Other Clients – One of the best ways to determine the legitimacy of a reputation management company is to visit with former customers.
  • Lawsuits Mentioned Online Might be Fake – Put on a bit of doubt when you read a report about the filing of a lawsuit, especially if there is no mention of the lawsuit’s conclusion. Further investigation is necessary in order to determine the legitimacy of lawsuits.
  • Beware of Slander and Defamation – There are certain legal guidelines to ensure that online commentary representing your business isn’t slanderous or defamatory to the character of your customers. Quality managers of online reputation can help guide you down the correct path.

JHG Media, formed the online reputation management division of their company after several failed attempts at hiring others to work for them with regard to online brend/reputation management. After taking charge themselves, JHG Media developed a number of online protocols that work. Then, through word-of-mouth, JHG Media amassed a number of satisfied customers. To become another business of JHG’s list of satisfied customers, please contact us.

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