Optimize Your Keywords – Let the Search Engines Know Exactly What You’re About

Optimize Your Keywords – Let the Search Engines Know Exactly What You’re About

keyword-researchWords are king in the online universe and how a search engine views the relevancy of your website. Keywords help determine whether or not your site is viewed by the public. The “key” to getting people to see your company’s website is to create boundaries that optimize certain “keywords” as a higher priority when someone is using a search engine to find an aspect or product related to your particular field of business.

What are keywords? They are the words keyed into a search engine by someone when they’re trying to find something online. After these words that describe what the person is looking for are handed off to a search engine, it, in turn, shows links to webpages associated to those keywords. What you want to do is to make sure your company website shows at the top of the list when keywords related to your business are keyed in. That’s named search engine optimization (SEO).

What Does Your Business Do?

The first step in SEO involves soul searching. You must ask yourself, what is the one word which best describes exactly what my business does? Yes, there might be several words, or even paragraphs needed to analyze the output of your company. But, Google doesn’t care. It wants one keyword, not a book of words.

google-keyword-toolOnce you have that word, we use tools that are presented by Google to scrutinize that keyword. Kick your keyword into this tool and we’re given hundreds of words that are also tied to that keyword. With your help, we select four other words from that large list supplied by Google, which best describe the activity of your business.

All right, now we are armed with a primary keyword and four secondary keywords. With this arsenal of keywords, we create copy that delicately includes the keywords, but in such a sense that it’s not obviously overwhelming, and without any excessiveness, which would give the search engine a reason to disregard your material.

We might select four more keywords from one of the secondary keywords and write more copy. There might even be a need to pick keywords from the third selection of keywords. Additional material can be produced. Some keyword selections may occur as subtopics within the blog or article that is posted in social media websites and linked to your business website.

What does all of this do? It makes sure that Google knows exactly what your business website is all about. But, there’s more. We ensure that an analytic account is set up on your website. From this, you receive information, such as where people were before they visited your website, how many people are viewing your site and how many clicks are made within your site, among other website statistics. From this information, we can set benchmarks on how to improve our SEO efforts.

Optimizing your online presence is an important function for driving traffic and potential customers to your business. Here at JHG, we have the skill and expertise to give you the results you require for a successful online business endeavor.

Posted By: Joel Canter

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