Brand Trust and Social Buzz is the Second Step to a Successful Online Presence

Brand Trust and Social Buzz is the Second Step to a Successful Online Presence

online brand managementOnce you establish a fresh, clean and modern-looking website for your business, you can then continue building trust and a good reputation for your company. The key to this endeavor is to ensure that you control this trust building real estate in the online world. When a potential customer keys in your company name or brand in a search engine like Google, you want to control  all the web properties that relate to your brand in the search results. You will want the message to be positive, presenting your business as a trustworthy entity. Here’s how it’s done.

First, Create Several Social Accounts in Your Business Name

The first step to building online trust in your company is to open accounts in the name of your business. For instance, open a YouTube account. Do the same with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Bebo, and Pinterest. Your social media list may include several other sites, depending on the nature of your business. The key is to make a presence with the social media big boys, and Facebook is the largest giant in the online social media world.

With every social media account that you open, make sure that it includes your business logo and contact information related to your company. Each account and everything posted in that account must have a link back to your website. It’s in these social media locations that you build the brand for your company and trust in the online community for your company’s reputation.

Build Trust Through Repetitive Company Copy

Quill-PenOnce social media accounts are established, you develop copy which specifically keys into characteristics that make your business look good. If there’s a technique unique to the business you do, that’s what you write about. The product that you sell which saves people time and money is what you key in on with your blogs. An idea showing your business to be an entity concerned with the world’s environment makes perfect copy for these purposes.

This written material is created in such a way as to encapsulate key words necessary to be grabbed by the major search engines, such as Google. It is also uniquely rewritten, so that it retains the same meaning, but utilizes varying words and phrases, to create multiple copies of your original article. This is performed a dozen, a couple of dozen, hundreds, or even thousands of times. Then, multiple copies of your written article are placed into all of your social media accounts and each copy links back to your website. In each blog, or article, you’re establishing yourself as the author of this information, distinctively tying you and your business to a specific idea, topic or product.

This creative copy isn’t published just once, but written material is distributed at least once every week. Over time, you build your business as an authority, as a trustworthy and knowledgeable entity about a specific topic, so when your future customer “Googles” your company, your business’ website and social sites dominate the search results.

Developing your online company brand takes energy, time and creative talents. Here at JHG, we can put that trustworthy vitality into the online presence of your business.

Posted By: Joel Canter

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