Website Design

If you were to do nothing else, the most important place to start is with your brand’s website. If your company is not online, it doesn’t exist. If your company’s website hasn’t changed since 1996, it might be time to freshen things up. A nice clean professional appearance with sharp images and relevant content is the foundation for your online presence; it is the main reflection of who you are to the rest of the online world.


Think of your website like your virtual storefront. When visitors stumble upon your “store” what will they find? An outdated, static website or one that legitimizes you as a trustworthy brand. Believe me, before anyone spends money on your products or services, they are going to research you online, your website is one of your most important online assets, make sure it’s a good one.


With a fresh and modern website, the next step is to write content that lets the search engines, like Google and Yahoo, know exactly what you do… what your products or services are all about. By structuring the content of your website pages properly, you build a boundary of relevancy around your website. An on-page structure that defines to Google, in no uncertain terms, who you are and what you do.


By properly building the pages of your website, you set the foundation for getting the rankings you need from the search engines.